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Africa, the second biggest continent (after Asia), covering about one-fifth of the total land surface of Earth. The continent is bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and on the south by the mingling waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

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The continent is cut practically similarly in 2 by the Equator, so that the majority of Africa lies within the tropical area, bounded on the north by the Tropic of Cancer and on the south by the Tropic of Capricorn.

Weather and other factors have actually applied substantial impact on the patterns of human settlement in Africa. While some locations appear to have been inhabited basically continuously since the dawn of humankind, massive areas-- significantly the desert locations of northern and southwestern Africa-- have actually been mostly vacant for extended time periods. Hence, although Africa is the 2nd largest continent, it includes only about 10 percent of the world's population and can be stated to be underpopulated.

Africa is probably most well-known for its wildlife. Ask anybody what the best part of an Africa trip is and they're bound to state a wildlife safari. It's also well-known as one of the most popular, and sometimes driest, put on earth. Another popular feature of the African continent is, naturally, the pyramids of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians left us numerous remarkable mysteries and they led the way for modern civilization in Africa.

How much does a night on safari cost?

There are lots of factors that enter into pricing one night on safari such as: the time of year (lots of lodges have seasonal rates), the requirement of lodging, and what is consisted of (e.g., game drives, alcohol, personal guides, other activities). Our best advice is to speak with our Travel Advisors, let them know your spending plan, your offered timeframe and your container list and allow them to draw upon their competence to hand-craft the very best value safari into your travel plan for your private requirements.

What kind of safari activities will I be doing?

A lot of customers expect conventional video game drives, but some camps provide bush walks, canoe safaris, balloon safaris, flying safaris, and marine safaris. Look for the icons next to the accommodation on our site to see which safari experiences the residential or commercial property has to use. Still confused? Speak with our specialists and they'll stroll you through it.

How do I schedule my vacation to Africa?

Browse our website to find first-hand, impartial reviews on the most incredible locations in Africa. Although our site gives you concepts of where to go to or check out in Africa, it is simply the start of your journey as your vacation is created around your requirements. Our company believe our expertise and understanding, so all our professionals have actually taken a trip extensively or resided in Africa. All of our personal connections with a number of the owners of the homes we include guarantees that our customers can delight in the most exclusive offers, experiences and access to the leading guides and experts.