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London is the capital city of England and is situated in the south east of the nation. Although a country in its own right, England is likewise part of the United Kingdom along with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Apart from Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, London is famous for its status as one of the world's biggest cosmopolitan cities, with an incredible variety of museums, shops, and dining establishments. It's also understood for its intriguing history in concerns to royalty, politics, arts, science, and architecture

London is pure magic and that's why it is among the world's most gone to cities. From history and culture to fine food and extremely great times London has everything. London's dynamic culture is this melting pot of cultures, citizenships, and languages-- that makes London so appealing to travelers worldwide.

London is the very best city to reside in for everybody who enjoys green areas. It has the most gorgeous and extravagant gardens, and forests compared to other major sprawling cities on the planet

Do I need a visa to check out London?

You do not require a visa to check out London if you are coming from the United States and strategy to remain for less than six months.

What is it like to travel to London with infants, kids and senior?

There are lots of great things to do in London for kids, such as music, theatre and dance efficiencies, as well as plenty of play grounds, parks and museums. The senior, too, have plenty of choices to enjoy the city - be it the London City Tour, checking out the London Shard, the London Zoo, or St. Paul's Cathedral. London is a vibrant city that has much to offer individuals of any ages.

Are we expected to tip here?

While eating in restaurants in London, individuals are expected to leave a pointer. It's typically around 10 to 15% of the expense. Cab chauffeurs also expect to be tipped around 10 to 15%.