Kaziranga National Park-- A Complete Travel Guide

Among the most diverse forest areas of India, Kaziranga Tourist is popular because of the Great One Horned Rhinoceros. Apart from the Rhinos, Kaziranga has a huge and successful population of Tigers, Swamp Deer, Leopards, Bears and Elephants. If you are planning to carry on from the regular crowded forest tracks of India and see something distinct and out of the world, then Kaziranga is the location to be.

A treat for animal enthusiasts

Belonging of Brahmaputra's marshlands, Kaziranga Forest makes a perfect house to support the population of mammals and birds. Kaziranga National Park animals consist of 35 species of mammals found here. Kaziranga is also the house to about 500 species of birds. A birding enthusiast will discover the greatest treats of their life and enjoy every minute of checking out the park. The population of tigers in Kaziranga goes up to 106, more than any other National Parks in India.

Check Out the Tea Gardens of Kaziranga

Kaziranga and Brahmaputra's special landscape makes it an ideal spot for development of the tea gardens in this location. Tea gardens are one of the primary promotional initiatives for the North East Tourism. The regional tea plantation trips are very typical and extremely popular among the tourists. A sip of tea in the natural charms as the sun goes down behind the hills is a moment to see.

Tips to check out the Tea gardens-- Local stay at home and Kaziranga National Park resorts take you on daily tours of tea gardens. If you are trying to find something offbeat then you can likewise reserve the resort inside the garden and awaken to the nice, enjoyable scent of fresh tea plucked and brewed in the early morning.