Trastevere "Locals" Food Tour in Rome

Everybody enjoys good food and everyone understands that the finest food in any city is where the locals go. Join us on this amazing foodie experience where you will not only learn where the residents consume, however will likewise eat in those very same locations. This memorable experience will be led by a local food expert, who will explore the history of Roman Food making you laugh and be in wonder at the exact same time. Supper & Vino Included.

Roman Street Food

Many individuals question Baccala is such a popular meal in Rome considering they are not near the Atlantic where the fish comes from. This is why you have actually joined our trip! Your regional foodie guide will enter into the interesting history of this local favorite informing you some fantastic anecdotes. All these stories will be informed as you are around the table at one of Rome's most historical restaurants for this scrumptious fish. Wash it down with some local gewurztraminer and you will be licking your fingers. Rome street food is hard to beat.

The Best Organic Gelato in Trastevere

You didn't believe we 'd finish a food trip without gelato, did you? If you've been to Italy, despite the time of year, you'll know how essential it is to end the evening with a gelato. Discover how to identify good quality gelato from ones with additives and try some brand-new flavors. From caffè to fragola to pistacchio, there's a gelato flavor for everyone. There is a lot of food to fill up even the above typical eater on this trip. If you have food allergic reactions or dietary limitations, it's important we understand so we can do our best to accommodate them.