A Complete Guide To TUI Airways

For the excellence of its airport and onboard offerings as well as crew service, TUI Airways has earned certification as a 3-Star Leisure Airline. Service ratings are given to both cabin employees and ground staff, and product ratings are given to seats, amenities, food and beverages, IFE, cleanliness, etc.
On the Boeing 787, Premium Class provides a pleasant experience with airport priority services, delicious food and drink, and comfortable seats. IFE, amenities, and food and beverage are all included with the long-haul economy, but all other drinks and snacks must be purchased. Catering is purchased on board, while short-haul prices are unbundled. The main factor that makes the hotel less than four stars is the staff's variable level of attention.

Benefits of Flying with TUI Airways

  • An extensive range of Locations
  • Easy Onboarding Experience
  • Budget Friendly Prices
  • Quality F&B Options
  • E-Booking services
  • Comfortable Seats


TUI Airways has a stellar track record for safety.

The International Air Transport Association has given the airline the highest safety grade, and the European Aviation Safety Agency has commended the airline for its dedication to safety.

The International Civil Aviation Organization, which is committed to advancing the highest standards of safety, security, and effectiveness in aviation, is another organisation that TUI Airways belongs.

In- Flight Entertainment Experience

There are possibilities for in-flight entertainment with TUI Airways. On their personal devices or on seat-back screens, passengers can access a choice of films, TV shows, music, and games.Additionally, travelers can spend money on Wi-Fi access to maintain connectivity throughout their flight.

TUI Airways F&B

On the flights of TUI Airways, meals are offered.Depending on the type of aircraft, passengers may receive a complimentary snack, a hot dinner, or a selection of snacks and beverages.Customers may also be able to order additional meals and beverages from the onboard menu on some flights.


The TUI airline is well known for its amenities and in-flight service. Additionally, it provides top-notch customer service to its customers to ensure that their travel is enjoyable and secure. The airline offers a budget-friendly travel experience and allows customers to book their flights online. Additionally, the airline provides its customers with a wonderful and pleasant seating experience that is also reasonably priced and easily accessible.

Cancellation and Change Policy

TUI Airways has a lenient cancellation and change policy.
Up to 24 hours before departure, customers can amend or cancel their flights, and they have up to 7 days to do so. Customers may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement for their cancelled flights, depending on the fare class.Customers might also be able to transfer their tickets to someone else.


TUI Airways provides specials and savings when you purchase a flight.

They have unique promotions for particular locations and periods of the year, as well as discounts for booking flights in advance.Additionally, they provide discounts for older citizens and groups larger than ten persons.

They also provide a loyalty program that offers discounts and additional advantages to customers.

Loyalty Program

TUI Fly Pass is a loyalty program offered by TUI Airways.

Customers flying with TUI Airways can accrue points through this program, which can then be used for discounts on subsequent flights, upgrades, and other advantages.

Average Ticket Price

The price of a TUI Airways ticket varies based on the location, the season, and other considerations. In general, TUI Airways' ticket prices are comparable to those of other airlines serving the same area. Depending on the route and quality of the ticket, prices might range from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

    TUI Airline Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees

  • Depending on the route, ticket type, and quantity, TUI Airways charges a cost for checked luggage.The first checked bag is often free, however subsequent baggage might be charged. The cost of each suitcase for checked baggage might be anything from 10 to 50.
  • The amount of checked baggage allowed by TUI Airways varies according to the route, ticket class, and other elements. Customers often only get to bring one piece of carry-on luggage and one personal item, like a laptop or pocketbook.The weight limit for checked baggage varies from route to route but normally sits between 15 and 30 kilogrammes.